Issues and known bugs and their workarounds (to be fixed in next update)

Issue: App crashes when going to Fuel View on iOS 7
Fixed in V2.1.
Workaround: In settings change consumption to km/l and NOT l/100km. Will be fixed in next version.

Issue: Pictures in incorrect orientation in car view
Fixed in V2.1

Issue: Crash when selecting end date when exporting data
Fixed in V2.1

Issue: iOS 7 support
Fixed in V2.0

Issue: App crashes when moving from Expense View
FIXED in v1.9

Issue: Reminders don't get saved
FIXED in v1.9

Issue: I fill in vehicle details, but they do not get saved
FIXED in v1.8. Workaround: Before filling in a new vehicle details, fill in some data in fuel or journey or expense (it does not matter what) click save. Then you can edit the vehicle details, and it will be saved.

Issue: On iPad I cannot assign a picture to a vehicle.
FIXED in v1.8. Workaround: This happens when iPad is in landscape mode (on its side). Turn iPad into Portrait mode, select picture, and then you can turn iPad into Landscape mode again.

Issue: Clicking on an image thumbnail, does not make it fullscreen
FIXED in v1.8. Workaround:None, however you can email the images (using export function). This will be fixed in the next update