Import data

1. Select and Copy text from text file/spreadsheet. Ensure headers are on the 1st line.
2. Paste data in text area below
3. Select the relevant delimiter (tab or comma)
4. Click next

Note: you can click on the "Sample Data" button to show an example of the input required.

- Unicode text or special characters (e.g. ç À ß or emoji) may not copy correctly when copying from a spreadsheet application. Try copying from a text editor such as Textedit (OSX) or Textwrangler (OSX) or EMEditor (Win) or Notepad++ (Win) or GEdit (Linux)
- If you are having a problem with the numbers not importing correct, try the following:
> Remove thousands separator from numbers
> Remove currency symbol (e.g. $ / R / € / £ etc.)
> Convert decimals place to Period/Full stop (.) [Some countries use the comma by defaul e.g. South Africa, Brazil]