Play the classic game of snake.

Features both the classic endless mode as well as a Quest mode.
How big can you get with the classic mode? Beat the high score of your fellow gamers on Game Center.
There are 10 levels in quest mode with 3 levels of difficulty. Can you finish the quest?

Play now and tell your friends that the classic game of snake is now available on your iPhone!


Q: What devices are supported?
A: Currently all devices with iOS 4.3 or later are supported.

Q: I have found a bug, what do I do?
A: Drop me an email describing the problem (a screenshot will help) and I will try and fix ASAP

Q: Can I play in Landscape/Portrait mode?
A: Yes you can play in either, just rotate your device.

Q: I have a few suggestions for the game...
A: Please send me the suggestions you have and I will try and incorporate them into the game if possible.

For comments/requests drop me a mail at Want more levels? Drop me an email too!