Ultimate Solver is the perfect tool to help you with crosswords, word games, and Sudoku puzzles.

New in previous Version:
- You can now look up the meaning of words in the dictionary, no internet connection required
- Added random word button, learn a new word a day!
- Added Regular Expression search (Regex)
- Now able to use more than one search mode at once
- Added Telephone Keypad search - find words based on numbers
- Speed improvements (up to 500% in some cases)

Ultimate Solver comes bundled with both:
- Word Solver
- Sudoku Solver

***Word Solver***:
Super fast word solving, useful for:
- crossword puzzles,
- word games,
- anagrams,
- word searches,
- sub-words,
- regular expression search
- telephone keypad numbers to words
- random word button, learn a new word a day!

Current Languages:
- English (combining both US and UK spellings)
- Italian

- Find word (allows wildcards to represent any character - useful for crosswords)
- Find words starting with certain characters
- Find words containing certain characters anywhere in the word
- Find anagrams of a word
- Find words using a sequence of letters (useful for newspaper word games)

***Sudoku Solver***:
Ultra quick, instant solving of sudoku puzzles - auto-updates as you key in values.

- Solve the entire sudoku puzzle,
- hint mode, which gives you one hint at a time to help you solve the rest of the puzzle yourself.

For comments/requests drop me a mail at solver@binaryarm.com